I'm a big fan of animation, so I love watching animated television shows. I have my favourites but all in all, I'll pretty much watch anything if it looks visually appealing and has a good plot.

I enjoy my fair share of video games. They're is a drawer in my room with tones of different games that I've played, from GTA V to Rayman, I've got a bunch.
I've probably put the most time into Minecraft honestly, I would come back home from school and play with friends for 4+ hours a day, meaning I've accumulated some hours. My favourite game is Halo 3, it was the first shooter I ever got into and although I love it, it has crippled me from ever wanting to sprint in games.

I listen to music a lot,
I like to think I have a wide range of taste. My favourite album  at least at the moment  is Because the Internet by Childish Gambino. I has some of the best song production in my opinion, as well as some lyrical madness mixed in. I do enjoy some folk music as well, but it's kinda hard for me not to find it cheesy while listening to the lyrics, which has lead me to listening to the genre almost entirely in other languages. My favourite Folk album is the self-titled Jane Bordeaux album. This is the same for genres like Ska by the way, I'm much more privy to listening to it in another language.

I like to edit video occasionally, I make 'Off Topic Podcast Highlights' where I take the best bits from Achievement Hunter's Off Topic Podcast and shoaren it from 2 hours to maybe 20 minutes. It's not much, but it keeps me on my toes!